Project Description



  • Content creation and production
  • Social media strategy
  • Influencer management
  • Content management
  • Campaign ideation and execution

An iconic UK beauty brand that’s been around for 70+ years. In our first month of management we reached over 1 million beauty lovers through relatable and relevant content creation and strategic advertising. We spend a lot of time researching trends to ensure Eylure is always at the top of the algorithm.

A reputable brand which oozes quality

Since taking over the account we’ve dramatically increased Eylure’s brand awareness and reach in the Australian market. We’ve connected Eylure with the latest fashion and beauty trends, which is a huge part of their brand strategy.

A bespoke campaign to launch NPD to the Aus market

To launch Eylure’s new Luxe Velvet Noir range into the Australian market, we ideated the campaign “Fun Starts After Dark” to focus on what you can achieve when wearing these lashes. FYI, it’s a lot.

Both After Dark and Nightfall lashes last 18 hours, which means they last longer than a night out. Each piece of content showcased a dark, late night moody feel allowing the entire campaign feel cohesive across web, socials, influencers and ads.

Pep wins

  • Reached over 1m people within the first month of management
  • Built an online community of MUA and content creators
  • Elevated the brand with new and relevant content
  • Introduced a Reels strategy to build brand awareness