Project Description

I Quit Sugar


  • Content creation and production
  • Social media strategy
  • Social media management
  • Campaign Ideation and execution

A world renown wellness brand built from Sarah Wilson’s own health experience. Within the first month of management, we built a Reels strategy and hit 100K views in 24 hours. Our approach is to tap into TikTok viral trends, and adapt them to a sugar-free life.

ebooks and eco hacks for the educated

Since taking over the account we’ve kept the IQS community alive with regular Instagram Lives with experts, free recipes (Reels), health tips and content based on what the followers have been talking about.

Connecting the community with like-minded people

Sarah Wilson built the brand with her incredible health and food knowledge and ability to share her experience. Since she parted ways with IQS, we’ve connected the brand with some of Australia’s leading health experts. We’ve even featured success stories from our community to keep the page alive.

Pep wins

  • Completely elevated the page with branded templates and consistent imagery
  • Continued to keep the IQS community alive (even with no new ebooks for three years)
  • Introduced a Reels strategy, hitting 100K in the first month, with the highest now being at 200K
  • Hit revenue targets month-on-month purely through organic content