We work in social media

Pep develops ideas, content, strategies and manage social media. Well.

What we do

We’re a team of storytellers and strategists who live and breathe social media.

  • Campaign ideation and execution
  • Social media management
  • Influencer management
  • Social media training and coaching
  • Social media courses
  • Social media strategy

Our clients

We work across fashion, beauty,
lifestyle, health and wellness.

Our work

We’re very selective on the brands we work with – they all need to support our core values.

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“Ashli and her team at Pep Creative are an amazing support for us across social media, and a dream to work alongside on our projects. Collaborating with them allows us to drive dynamic social campaigns, and keeps our work at the forefront of social trends & advances”

Jessica O’Dea, Two Birds Talking Communications

“Our strategic content planning and photoshoots with Pep Creative have seen our social reach, engagement and growth improve like crazy over the past 6 months, and our feeds have never looked better!”

Elise Hill , Southgate

“My biggest fear about working with a Social Media guru (and why I put it off for so long) was the fear of feeling old and clueless. After a minute into my coaching session with Ashli I realised I needn’t have worried after all. The thing that impressed me is that Ashli took the time to understand my business and she is actually an impressive teacher. Sometimes being good at something doesn’t always mean you are good at teaching it, so I appreciated Ashli’s ability to not just show me, but to make sure I understood, creating actionable tasks and plans. There is no ego or pretence, just humility and professionalism.”

Iola, Reveal

“Thanks to Ash’s remarkable vision, creativity and proven strategies, Sportsgirl’s social media strategy was re-invented. Ash learned the organisations brand, marketing calendars and vision very quickly and with her great ability and knowledge in this space was able to take us to the next level which resulted in a great ROI.”

Chloe, Sportsgirl

“I am always so impresses with Ashli’s organisation, attention to detail and work ethic. She has an amazing understanding of her audience, and was always striving to create a better result each time we worked together. She really understands the social media world, and has a strong ability to bring concepts to life.”

Monica, TONIC Hair and Make up