We work across fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health and wellness.

If you asked for the pit and peak of our job, we’d say we love photoshoots, researching trends and running strategy sessions, and we really dislike accounting. Our services vary from one-off photoshoots, to long-term social media retainers. By working with Pep Creative your brand will feel fresh, innovative and creative. Not like a stale accounting firm.


Campaign ideation & execution

Brainstorming is our thing (you should see our group chat). From one-off campaigns, to regular ideation, we love it all. We’re the kinda bunch who execute campaigns from start to end so all you have to do is say approved (and give us a budget, obvs).

Our services: Ideation, production, strategy, planning, shoots, social media posting and reporting.

Social media management

This is our bread and butter. As we’re always glued to Instagram and TikTok, creating weekly social media calendars are a piece of cake. We run end-to-end social media campaigns.

Our services: Community management, outreach, calendar management (all social platforms), content creation, copywriting, advertising, graphic design, scheduling and project management.

Influencer management

Working with influencers can be a challenge if you’re new to the space — we get it. We’ve spent years creating relationships with influencers, and know how to approach them in a way to get content that converts.

Our services: Influencer research, building relationships, strategy, negotiations, budgeting, contracts, briefing, shoots, project management and reporting.

Content creation

Now, we’re talking. Our name “Pep” came from how we all feel when we’re on a shoot – we have a pep in our step. Bit lame, but we’ll own it. We produce video and photography that’s fit for social media, or your website.

Our services: Ideation, talent selection, production, art direction, styling, shoots, editing and delivery.

Social media courses

After many, many requests for one-on-one training, we’ve finally launched courses to help service and product based businesses supercharge their social media knowledge and DIY their entire social media strategy. This is through our sister business Purpose — Purpose.

What we offer: How to set up money-making social media channels, workshops to supercharge your social media knowledge and how to DIY your own purpose-led social media strategy.